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    Friendships and Mentors

    Over the past four decades in Martial Arts, I have had the unbelievable honour of developing friendships with some of the worlds best Martial Arts actors, fight choreographers and unit directors, and I travel to Hollywood and surrounding Los Angeles areas on average once every three years. I have been mentored and guided by the worlds best in Martial Arts. I have also met the Dalai Lama of Tibet and spent some time chatting with him. I have even been to Chuck Norris's home (ranch) just outside of Houston, Texas, I am truly blessed.

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    I think success can be measured in many different ways, and what ever way I look at it, I have been successful and I am so grateful for the opportunities that life has afforded me. I have had a very good education, attending several well-respected Universities. I have achieved great success in my Martial Arts career, which includes induction into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame, and I have an amazing and loving family who love and support me in everything that I do, I also have a  close network of dear friends, so I couldnt ask for more. On top of all this, I am happy, healthy and loving life rveryday.

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    I have had a passion for acting for as long as I can remember, but due to family and career, I found it difficult to have enough time to start. Whilst my Martial Arts career has always placed me within the action genre, my real passion has always been for Shakespeare. I have lost count of how many times I have travelled to Stratford Upon Avon to be consumed and inspired by the Royal Shakespeare Company and their cast of wonderful actors, secretly and desperately hoping to one day be cast in a major production.