Preston and Lancashire Area

A little about me

Psychiatric Nursing

16 years of working within the NHS in Mental Health Nursing.


I have a Diploma in Nursing Psychology and Mental Health Studies.


I am a certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner.


I also hold a recent Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy.

My Journey

I have worked in Mental Health since 2000, and after several years of working within the NHS on both Psychiatric Acute and Intensive Care Units (PICU), I decided to go to university to do my Mental Health nurse training, having attended both UCLAN and the University of Cumbria. Since then I have continued with numerous Mental Health training courses and CPD eventually progressing from Mental Health nursing into Psychotherapy and what is known as Talking Therapy. I am an NHS certified Phlebotomist, a course I took due to the fact that many patients who receive antipsychotic medications require blood to be taken and monitored on a regular basis, so I offer this service as part of your session if needed, and then I deliver it to a Medical Practice on your behalf.

I am also a CPD registered trainer and offer accredited CPD training courses as well as being an Ofqual registered teacher, assessor and IQA, which means that I deliver formal Ofqual regulated RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) qualifications. Developing as both a Psychotherapist and as a teacher helps to maintain my professional standards as well as continually updating my annual CPD requirements keeping my education as current and as rounded as possible.


The Journey

You have taken that first step by visiting my practice website, thats a great start, now be a little more confident and start your journey.

Whether it's a short or longer journey, I look forward to working with you and helping you to feel better and stronger.