Here are some of the staff that volunteer their time at our school 




      GM Davies, 9th Dan

     BCTA Patron


      Mr. Stevens, 3rd Dan

      Health & Safety Officer


       Helen, 1st Dan

      Safeguarding Officer


"Hello to all Jin Moo Kwan Preston members. I hope you are all well and that you keep up your training even when things may seem a little difficult. You will all benefit greatly from practicing Taekwondo under the guidance of Master Cook, who I have known and taught for many years. I also follow your Facebook page with interest to see your club photos and updates about the school". Grandmaster Davies.

*Master Davies has been Master Cook's Taekwondo instructor since 1996 and in that time they have become great friends. Master Davies was Master Cook's best man at his wedding and is godfather to his son. Master Davies continues to be a profound source of inspiration to our school and regularly updates Master Cook on all matters of Taekwondo.

*Mr Stevens has been a student of Master Cook since 2010. He has taken several courses and training alongside Taekwondo and is much respected by our students for his caring and compassionate approach to teaching and mentoring.

*Helen joined the BCTA in 2006 and holds several posts within the school including General Secretary and Lead Safeguarding Person, she also teaches the junior students, motivating them to develop personally and achieve new goals.