Below Black Belt Grading Information

At the BCTA, we take the first 9 belt promotion tests seriously and help new students to understand the grading process and the meaning behind their new belt that will ultimately lead them to their Black Belt. Students have to train for a minimum amount of time in order to be eligible to grade. Both Junior and senior grades follow the same process. The minimum times are listed below:


Grade taken Belt Colour Minimum Time
10th Kup White Belt  
9th Kup Yellow Tag 3 months
8th Kup Yellow Belt 3 months
7th Kup Green Tag 3 months
6th Kup Green Belt 3 months
5th Kup Blue Tag 3 months
4th Kup Blue Belt 3 months
3rd Kup Red Tag 3 months
2nd Kup Red Belt 3 months
1st Kup Black Tag 6 months
1st Dan/Poom Black Belt 6 months


At the BCTA, we have some voluntary and compulsory things that senior students must do in order to proceed to the Black Belt test and are as follows:


Compulsory Optional
Enhanced DBS Disclosure First Aid Certificate
  Safeguarding Certificate
  Assistant Instructor course



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