Black Belt Grading Information

Chung Do Kwan Black Belt promotion testing requires students to have a minimum number of years in training to be eligible to grade. The minimum times and ages are listed below:


Grade taken Minimum Time Poom Dan
1st Dan 1 - 4 years 3 - 14 years 15 years and over
1st - 2nd Dan 1 year 15 years and over 16 years and over
2nd - 3rd Dan 2 years 15 years and over 18 years and over
3rd - 4th Dan 3 years 18 years and over 21 years and over
4th - 5th Dan 4 years 22 years and over 25 years and over
5th - 6th Dan 5 years 30 years and over 30 years and over
6th - 7th Dan 6 years 36 years and over 36 years and over
7th - 8th Dan 7 years 44 years and over 44 years and over
8th - 9th Dan 8 years 53 years and over 53 years and over


The Chung Do Kwan Black Belt certificate can be applied for every time a student takes a Dan grading within the BCTA. The costs for Chung Do Kwan certification is as follows:


Grade taken Chung Do Kwan Cost Poomse
1st Dan $50 Koryo
2nd Dan $70 Keumgang
3rd Dan $90 Taebaek
4th Dan $120 Pyongwon
5th Dan $170 Sipjin
6th Dan $250 Jitae
7th Dan $300 Cheonkon
8th Dan $380 Hansoo
9th Dan $480 Ilyo


Both the Chung Do Kwan and the Kukkiwon only accept fees for gradings in US Dollars. This means that their are several bank charges applied each time a certificate is requested, therefore, the cost of a certificate rises by £30.00. Students who are testing for 6th Dan and above are also required to submit a thesis as part of their examination. The Chung Do Kwan also have a classification of titles issued to Dan grades according to their rank:


Grade Classification Remarks
Elementary 0 Dan - 1st Dan  
Instructor 2nd Dan - 3rd Dan  
Master 4th Dan - 5th Dan  
Director 6th Dan - 7th Dan  
Senior Director 8th Dan - 9th Dan  
Doyen 9th Dan Aged 80 and over


The BCTA is a Chung Do Kwan Dojang and since the Chung Do Kwan in Korea support the Kukkiwon, so do we. To this end we also facilitate students for register their grade at the Kukkiwon and hold Kukkiwon certification.


세계 태권도 청도관 연맹

World Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Federation