The History of Chung Do Kwan

The Chung Do Kwan was formed in 1944 by Grandmaster Lee Won Kuk. Five years later in 1949, Grandmaster Lee left Korea and moved to Japan. He appointed his senior student Grandmaster Yoo Ung Jun to take over as president. However, Grandmaster Yoo only held the position for one year until 1950 when he was succeeded by Grandmaster Son Duk Sung. Five years later in 1955 while searching for a name that would identify the Korean Martial Arts, a meeting was held by the Chung Do Kwan Masters with views to unify a name for the practice of Korean Martial Arts (which was known by different and confusing names). The name Taekwondo was suggested, but it took some time for the term to be accepted. Four years later in 1959, the Korea Taekwondo Association was born and shortly after, Grandmaster Uhm Woon Kyu became President of Chung Do Kwan succeeding Grandmaster Son Duk Sung. Grandmaster Uhm has also served as the president of the Kukkiwon (succeeding President Kim Un Yong).

Six years later on the 5th August 1965 the name of Taekwondo was finally adopted and became the official title for our Martial Art by the KTA. Seven years later in 1972, the Kukkiwon was formed and a year after that in 1973 the World Taekwondo Federation was created (now called World Taekwondo). Five years later in 1978, the Kukkiwon unified Taekwondo in Korea by integrating the 10 Taekwondo organisations. Years later in 2011 Grandmaster Uhm Woon Kyu stepped down as president and Grandmaster Park Hae Man was appointed. The Chung Do Kwan is a true linage that started Taekwondo and lead to the Kukkiwon. The Chung Do Kwan along with the 9 other organisations put Taekwondo together. Now the Chung Do Kwan and the other organisations fully endorse the Kukkiwon so that it can retain the authority and develop Taekwondo globally.

Training with us

We are a Jin Moo Kwan Taekwondo school under Grandmaster Chris Davies, a Chung Do Kwan 9th Dan, based in Bristol, so becoming part of a global brotherhood of friends and Taekwondo practitioners that have the same goal as you and a love of Taekwondo is a great step for you to take. Our school has been providing tuition, recognition and resources on a National and International level for Taekwondo clubs, instructors and students since 2003 here in the village of Hutton, and we pride ourselves on being non exclusive in that we are impartial when welcoming new students and instructors into the academy. Since our school was established we have seen many changes to Taekwondo on the international stage, but our aims are simple, to continue providing our members with the same continued high quality personal attention that we always have.

At the BCTA, we teach students to live by the Taekwondo code called Tenets. These 5 principles are guides to help students grow and mature into their new position as  a Taekwondo student. They are:

  • Etiquette
  • Modesty
  • Perseverance
  • Self-control
  • Indomitable Spirit

We have several people who help us run our school, some are students and some are parents who volunteer their time to support us. We look forward to working with you.


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