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I started acting quite late in life at the age of 32, when some Hollywood celebrity friends suggested I give it a try. They told me about the ways in which I could market the skills I have and use them in several different arenas. I have been involved in Martial Arts since 1979 which is almost 39 years and I have more than 12 years of competitive Artistic Gymnastics experience. I travel to the US every year and spend 10-15 days in Los Angeles, training and learning from some of Hollywood's best Martial Arts actors, Stuntmen and Unit Directors. I enjoy being behind the camera and choreographing fight and combat scenes as much as I enjoy being in front of the camera and get great satisfaction from both performing my own stunts and watching the execution of my choreography through other actors.

Being a nurse and teaching the Martial Arts has prevented me from participating in many projects and plays that I would have loved to perform in, which has created a huge gap in my CV as a Shakespearean actor, causing me to miss opportunities to play notable and amazing roles such as Macbeth, Romeo, or Richard III, so instead I started writing and wrote my autobiography. Roles I have enjoyed playing include Prospero in The Tempest, Bernardo in Hamlet, Benvolio in Romeo & Juliet and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. My dream, like any aspiring actor is to reach the Royal Shakespeare Company and perform around the world. I love being a Martial Artist and a Martial Arts teacher, but I constantly find that I miss acting on the stage.